5 forms of gourds, crab, fish that are exotic, unlike anywhere

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in the form of playing gourds, crabs, fish Origin originated from China in the south and the style of play. There will be in the betting section casino games UFABET.  With all 6 symbols, whether fish, shrimp, crabs, gourds, tigers and chickens in the form of play or activity. In all 3 dice 

Pattern of not wanting will have the form of Playing a little similar to Sic Bo. In which the form of Playing gourds, crabs, fish will be a form of betting. Make us experience How to play from a real casino

which will play, we can play via Online gambling sites can take all forms and must have good standards. It is safe, reliable, transparent, no cheating in the matter of the financial system for sure. If anyone has never tried to experience Don’t miss out because in addition to having a high payout rate It’s also a simple betting format.

which form of play There will be about 5 styles that are popular, that is

  1. Tong betting style In the form of Tong betting, it is a form of betting. With relatively high returns and a style of play It will have a rate of 180 times in the form of playing a simple pattern. Just wait and see All 3 dice are all 3 of the same symbol or not. If all 3 are drawn at the same time, it will be a form of instant bet in the form. Of payout ratio play. will be quite high
  2. Total Tongue Betting Pattern in the form of a tong Total that will help. Supplement in the matter of playing and reducing the pattern Difficult play in case of mismatches occurring. Because by playing with us must be selected in the All the symbols given and the chances of getting it are quite high. The rate of getting it will come out quite a lot. The compensation or rate of payment is 30 times.
  3. Double tod stab pattern The pattern of double toad will be the form of Prediction in the form of Playing from all 3 dice, but must be a form of play where the dice are at 2 of the 3 balls on the same face or all 2 of the same symbols in these 3 balls and the payout rate will be 10 times.
  4. Tod stab pattern In the form of table betting. It is a form of play that is quite simple, just make a prediction from 2 out of 3 dice and the style. Of play we can choose from all 15 forms and must be matched of all pictures. Then the highest rate of return is 5 times.
  5. betting pattern In the form of stabbing itself is a form of play. It is played in direct bets with gourds, crabs, fish. Which the style of play is based on the determination of all 3 dice as well. The chance of being right will be here 1 in 3 and the chance of getting or being right It’s at 1 in 2 times.